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Welcome no deposit bonus for all new traders

Sign up, get a welcome bonus, start earning your money with the company’s funds!

We are pleased to offer our new customers a welcome bonus of $5 USD for opening a real trading account with us.

This is a great opportunity to earn profits without taking a risk with your own money, as well as to test your skills and trading strategies in real market conditions.

No Deposit Welcome Bonus Conditions:

  1. To receive the welcome bonus you have to verify your identity in your Trader's Room. To verify, please, go to the appropriate section of "Profile" tab in your Trader’s Room. Please, receive SMS confirmation code to your mobile phone and upload copies of documents proving your identity. As soon as your account is verified, in your Trader’s Room in the tab "Bonus" - "Welcome Bonus", button "Get Welcome bonus" will become active. Once you click this button, the account will automatically be credited with a bonus of $5 USD (500 cents in case of Cent accounts) or the equivalent in Euro, depending on the currency of your account.
  2. "Welcome Bonus" button is only active for the first 10 days starting from the date of account registration. It means that if you have not pressed it within first 10 days after registration, you will not be able to use it in the future.
  3. Bonus is credited only one time (to new customers only) and only to one account. It is not given to people who have already received the bonus.
  4. To withdraw the bonus and profit made with the help of bonus funds you have to meet the terms of the trading turnover on the account: 1.5 lots for USD or EUR accounts or 150 micro lots for Cent accounts. No commissions will be charged for withdrawal!
  5. If you deposit your own funds to the account, you can withdraw your deposited funds, as well as profits earned with the help of your deposited funds without any restrictions at any time
    • You opened a real account and got a Welcome bonus 5 USD.
    • As a result of your trades, you earned 5 USD and your account balance now is 10 USD. Unless you made a trading turnover according to paragraph 4 you can’t withdraw these funds from the account.
    • Suppose, after this, you decide to deposit to your account $10 of your own funds. In this case, the total balance will be 20 USD.
    • Suppose, then you have earned $10 or in other words, get 50% profit. The account balance will be 30 USD.
      If the trading turnover in the account according to paragraph 4 is not met, you can always withdraw an amount of your deposit ($10) + the amount of profit with your money ($10 +50%). In our example, in total, you can withdraw from the account $15. If the conditions of paragraph 4 are met, you can withdraw all $30.
  6. Partners are remunerated according to the proportion of client’s funds on the account. If the customer account contains 90% of funds and 10% bonus - you get 90% of the normal commission.
    You refer a client who received a bonus of $5 and deposited to his account additional $95. In this case, the customer's funds = 95% of all funds in the account, therefore, in this case the partner will receive 95% of the standard commission. If the partner gets usually 65% of the spread, in this example, the payout will be 0.95 * 65% = 61.75% spread, etc.
    Thus, this calculation will be applied until a client meets the requirements of paragraph 4. Once the client commits the necessary trading turnover, the commission will be calculated for partner as usually.
  7. In the case of fraud, such as receiving bonus by one customer to several accounts, etc. Company reserves the right to cancel the bonus accruals and profits derived from trade with the bonus from these accounts without prior notice.
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