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We are pleased to inform you that from 29 june 2014 TradeFort will start working as a licensed bro-
ker Fort Financial Services.

International License IFSC/60/256/TS/14, issued by International Financial Services Commission of Belize gives our company an opportunity to signifi-
cantly expand our range of services. Now with Fort Financial Services you have several types of trading platforms available, wide range of diverse payment systems, banks and liquidity providers.

You can try our new level of services free of charge using no deposit Welcome bonus. In addition, you can have up to 50% bonus on every deposit to your trading account.

Choosing TradeFort
you are making money!
  • Online accounts opening
  • Beneficial trading terms
  • Friendly and responsive technical support
  • Free transfers for almost all payment systems
  • Fast Depositing/Withdrawing of funds
  • Trade 24 hours, 5 days a week
  • Dividends on free funds on account
  • Leverage from 1:10 up to 1:1000
  • Convenient personal Trader’s Room
  • Numerous trading products
  • Free VPS – virtual private
    server for automatic trading systems
Start Forex trading

Are you ready to make money with Forex?


TradeFort offers you most competitive and flexible trading terms at the Forex market, i.e. fixed and floating spreads starting from 0.4 pips, accounts in USD, EUR and RUR, with no minimal deposit requests to start.

Any trader will be certainly pleased with absence of any commissions for Fort accounts and prompt market orders execution on Flex accounts. We’ll provide you with a possibility to trade a great number of currency pairs, CFDs and Futures contracts and an access to the liquidity of the largest and most reliable banks, including: Barclays, Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Nomura, UBS, Merrill Lynch, Credit Suisee.

How to start

Trading on the Forex market is not as difficult as it may seem at the first glance. In fact, it includes just simple sale and purchase transactions performed in all stores on a daily basis providing one difference: the main product is represented here by currency. You buy a certain currency and sell another one. In case the exchange rate of a purchased currency has increased, you can obtain profit, proportionate to the rate growth. It’s this very profit that millions of traders are hunting for all over the world.

Nevertheless, for a wet-head the Forex market will seem a hardly understandable stream of figures and diagrams. Certainly there are a great number of questions: how to conclude deals, what to pay attention to by performing trade transactions, how to achieve regular profit, etc.

You can get answers to all these questions in case you complete our training courses. The textbook will help you to master the basic principles of operating at the currency market via Internet, to learn about the current trade systems, show how to find your way within the current situation at the exchange market, offer various methods of analysis and market forecasting. Besides the textbook, there is a glossary of terms on our website. It will help you to easily understand and remember unknown specialized terms. We’ll be glad if the material prepared by us will come in handy for you.

After completing the training, you’ll be able to check if you are ready to get to real work without a slightest risk. Just download our terminal and open a free demo account. In case your trade with virtual assets brings good results, it’s high time you register a real account.

TradeFort – the reliable protection of your well-being!

Account types

Account typeFortFlexPro
Open an accountOpen an accountOpen an account
Account currency: USD / EUR
USD Cents / EUR cents
Quotes: 4 digits 5 digits
Spread: Fixed
(from 2 point)
(from 0.7 point)
(from 0.1 point)
Minimum deposit: $5 $500
Leverage: 1:10, 1:50, 1:100, 1:200, 1:500, 1:1000 1:10, 1:50, 1:100
Margin call / Stop Out: USD/EUR: 50% / 25%
USD Cents / EUR cents: 30% / 10%
80% / 40%
Bonus on deposit 10%, 20%, 30%, 40%, 50% No

More information


TradeFort is glad to present customers the MetaTrader4, a platform that has been enjoying a high degree of popularity for many years already. Distinguished by an intuitively understandable, simple and convenient interface, this trade terminal contains a lot of tools for analyzing the current market situation, which allows to respond promptly to market conditions.

Various types of transaction executions, including market, pending orders, stop-orders, partial closing, etc., will contribute to your trading flexibility. If you already have your own trade strategy, you can program it by means of the MQL4 programming language into the robot program that will bring profit automatically without your participation.

If you want to get more detailed information about this software, please, visit the MetaTrader 4 page.

Download terminal

How to get profit with Forex? *

History knows a great number of incredible examples of how one can earn money at the Forex market. In particular, it includes an almost textbook case of J.Soros who managed to earn over 950 million USD by the projected GBP/USD exchange rate decrease in 1992.

But great profits are possible not only in case of large investments. The startup capital in the amount of one thousand USD can also allow to obtain good earnings. The main thing is to learn how to manage risks, create an optimal trade strategy and, certainly, stick to its rules.

Nevertheless, at the beginning you can do with quite a small sum of several USD. We’ll provide you with a 1:500 leverage allowing to trade funds exceeding your deposit by five hundred times. In this case your profit will also be higher.

And here is the very example of obtaining revenues. 10.08.2010 the EUR/USD exchange rate was 1.3235, the moving average indicator crossed the price chart down providing a sales signal. We sold 10 000 USD, which makes up one tenth of a standard lot.

16.08.2011 the EUR exchange rate dropped up to 1.2819, besides, the moving average indicator provided a buy signal (crossed the price chart up). So we closed a transaction.

We’ve managed to earn the difference of 416 pips, each point equal to one US dollar (in our example). It makes up the total amount of 416 dollars per week. Besides, in this case you can have just 100 USD on your account for performing these transactions. It’s not bad, is it?

* - It is given as an example of earning at the Forex Market and it does not guarantee a permanent profit earning.

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TradeFort opens up new horizons
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